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“I will successful keep my students engaged one way or another! So with rethinking my curriculum for this year, the foundation has to be structure”


A new year means a new chance to change! I love change so when the opportunity comes I tend to go overboard (and they said your first year teaching is all prep…). One major change I am implementing is my curriculum. Last year I didn’t really follow one, I just made up each day as I went. The danger in this was not having a scaffolded plan where first we do then they do. Basically my students suffered by not receiving the proper math instruction, because I refused to follow the mathematics classroom norm of the daily repeated following the book and homework. However, this year I am still refusing to fall in this trap. I will successful keep my students engaged one way or another! So with rethinking my curriculum for this year, the foundation has to be structure. For the elementary years structure is very important, it is one of the key foundational aspects of their curriculum. Secondary mathematics education usually relies heavily on following a book routinely. Making sure that I keep my class engaging I decided to follow this plan of action.

Monday: Note Day
Tuesday: Math Centers
Wednesday: Mini Lesson & Exploration Activity
Thursday: Math Centers
Friday: Homework Review & Quiz

Each week will focus on one standard. On Monday we go through that standard decomposing it together. Students will write the standard in their data binder then the objectives in their journals. Then we will go over the standard and the students will take notes.

I will use the post assessment from Monday and their pre-test, they would have already taken, to place them into assigned math centers. The math centers follow an order with the lowest level being M (math facts) then A (at your seat) T (teacher’s choices) and the highest level H (hangs on). Students will have 20 minutes to work on their center before I come around and check their work. If they have more than 80% accuracy they can move up a center. If they don’t they will receive the right answers and time to go through their mistakes and fix them. I will also be working with a small group helping students one on one. The math centers will be the same for Thursday.

One Wednesday I will re-teach or teach a new topic before students will work in their table groups on a exploration activity. Such as using NBA statistics to make box and whisker plots (a TPT resource of mine you can buy!)

Finally on Friday we will review their homework and they will take a short mini quiz.

Relying on structure the students will be getting the notes, math facts practice (sneakily disguised in the centers) and opportunity to apply it to real life! I will be updating how this new curriculum is going through the year. I will also be updating the details of the curriculum including the resources I use so you too can use this curriculum!

Heres to Keeping Math Engaging!

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