10 ways to use Google Forms in the Classroom

Google forms is user friendly and a great tool to motivate students. Here are 10 easy and creative ways to integrate google forms in the classroom.


1. Back to school survey.
My first year teaching I made a cute back to school survey. After I received all of the students information I transferred it over to a spreadsheet. This took me at least 4 hours! Using Google Forms for a survey saves a lot of time and a great way to integrate technology early. The results can be transferred over to sheets so you don’t have to type the information in by hand. I use this as an introduction activity to google classroom so students can get used to google classroom.

2. Quiz/ Test
Quizzing students is important but grading them can be tedious and easily dismissed. Having students take a quiz on google forms makes grading easier! You can add pictures to the questions. There are various question types including multiple choice, short answer, and extended response. Google has done an amazing job at making google forms great for educators. Click here for specific directions on how to create a quiz/test on google forms.

3. Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger hunts are a fun way to introduce an activity. By creating different sections you can include directions on what website students should go to. If you include the whole link after you view it the link should turn into a hyperlink. Insert the google form in your google classroom and your good to go. If. you don’ have google classroom just project the google form sharing url on your projector and your good to go!

4. Bellwork/ Exit Slip
If you are a lucky teacher an have computers in your classroom using google forms for bellwork or exit slips are perfect. If you don’t have classroom computers think about using students personal devices. You can print out a QR code so when students walk in they scan the code and use their phones to complete the form quickly. You can easily organize their answers. Have instant data you can use to alter your instruction right away. Google forms allow for a more powerful assessment tool.

5. Parent Communication
Have parents fill out a google form either on google classroom or at open house. Ask for their information, questions about their child, and have them sign up for volunteer hours. You can also use google forms to have parents fill out an end of the unit questionnaire. Ask them what they think their child struggled with or give them the option to speak out. (parents love to know their being heard!

6. Field Trip Information

If your having a field trip and need to send out emergency cards just send out the permission slip with a link to the google form. Parents can place their information in the form so you have all your students information in one place. You also eliminate the stack of cards. you would need to bring since you can access the information online using your smart phone! Isn’t technology great!

7. Study Guide
One nice feature of google forms is the ability to add explanation to answers. Once a student has completed the study guide they can check their answer and use the explanations to learn from their mistakes.

8. Differentiated interactive survey (Branching)
A newer feature of google forms is branching (go to section if answered this). Depending on what answer the student chooses you can take them to a different question. I have attempted to do this around the classroom but it is hard to organize. Using this on google forms is easy and provides a big picture so that the overall interactive quiz makes sense. Did I mention this is a great resource for differentiating!

9. Sign out Sheets
If students want to take home a calculator, computer, iPad, manipulative, or anything else they requisition create a sign out sheet using google forms. Have a QR code at a specific place in the classroom so a student can quickly scan and sign out. Now you have a paper trail of what is signed out.

10. Student Project
Students have create powerpoints and posters all the time. Do something different and have them design their own form. For probability you can have students come up with their own survey and collect responses using forms. For algebra students have come up with a real life algebraic equation and create a form that ask questions about the equation. For any topic students have create their own quiz! This backwards design requires students to think out of the box. Tap into the higher blooms and make your students create!


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