How to Make Pinterest Board Covers


There are a couple of options you can use to create Pinterest Board Covers. I break down two user friendly options to help make your Pinterest page dazzle.

  1. Canva

You will have to sign up with Canva (Its Free!!!!). On the top right you can create a custom design with 800 by 800 dimensions. Begin creating your Pinterest board cover! You will be surprised how many items are free and customizable! I made one for an example that you can use as inspiration. If you don’t have pages then Canva is your best resource.


2.   Pages

I make most of my designs on pages. It is very user friendly and extremely customizable. Create a square and make sure to click constrain proportions. You can find this button under arrange when you have a shape. Once you have your square big enough to edit you can begin. You can also edit the background color under arrange. Now just add your text and some clipart. If you have images that contain white background you can remove the white background with the instant alpha button (I have a blog post that goes into more detail about this.). If you need new fonts you can look at KG Fonts and Hello fonts. You can also go to

My Pinterest boards match my website colors. I try to stick to these main colors on all my designs so I can be consistent.

Once you have your Pinterest cover images click the add a pin button on the board. Add the image and add your Pinterest board URL. Now you not only have a cover image but you also have a pin that takes users straight to that Pinterest board. Be sure to add a description and you’re ready to go!

Happy pinning!


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