Rethinking Technology Integration

Technology is integrated in the classroom more than ever but is it improving education?

A lot of times teachers will believe they are using technology in an enriching way when they are only replacing paper copies with digital copies.

We need to have a perspective shift and begin to rethink how to integrate technology so it provides opportunity instead of only support.

The BEST way to begin rethinking is by using a technology lesson planning tool. I am a 4th-year teacher and I understand that detail lesson planning is impossible with everything else teachers already have to do. However, hear me out! If you use this just once you have already begun to improve how you use technology in your classroom. Below you will see an example of how I used the TPACK diagram to plan a lesson.

Lets make a Trip TPACK and SAMR _ Davidson-2.png

First, the main diagram provides three areas of focus: technology, content, and pedagogy. You will describe how the lesson uses technology, what your teaching, and how you will teach. The next step is important, you will reflect on how the technology and content blend together and so on. This is an important step because instead of only thinking about technology, you will rethink how technology blends with content and pedagogy.

Think approach to lesson planning is not challenging at all! I believe it is very helpful in thinking big picture which is needed for effective lesson planning.

The SAMR is also powerful because if you are not using technology efficiently, this framework will sell you out. You will need to prove how integrating technology is not only substituting but also redefining your instruction.  The last step on the SAMR is called redefinitions. In order to defend if your lesson meets this requirement ask yourself this question; if I take away the technology piece am I able to provide the same opportunity with the same level of thinking and engagement?

Instead of only using technology to make life easier and provide faster opportunities for students. Rethink if you are using technology to expand, enrich, and engage students in their learning.

Below you will find a copy of a blank TPACK and SAMR framework that you can use.


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