Secret Screen Casting App Already Installed on Your Mac!

Secret screen sharing app already installed on your Mac! 

There are many amazing screen sharing apps out there for educators. Where some are free there are still features that you need to pay for. Every Mac user already has QuickTime reinstalled on their computer. Follow the directions below to access this cool FREE feature! 

Step 1: Go to the QuickTime app and open it up! 

Step 2: Under file go down to New Screen Recording

Step 3: You will have to grant access to have QuickTime use your screen sharing feature

Step 4: At the bottom of your screen you will see a menu with a few choices. 

You can screen capture your whole screen or a part of it. There is already a shortcut to complete a screen capture on Mac (command + shift + 4). The feature you want is record entire screen or partial. There are also options where you can add a timer, show your mouse click and more! 

Step 5: Click Record! 

From already using other screen sharing apps I instantly fell in love with using quicktime. It was clean, easy, and super quick! You can trim your video in QuickTime or upload it to iMovie and trim it there. You can record without volume and add the recording later. Honestly I don’t know how I have never used this feature on my Mac. I am glad I found it know and I’m already thinking of all the things I can screen share in the future. Below is an example of trick on Apple Pages that I wanted to show (through quick time screen share). 

I created and posted that screen share in about 2 minutes. It was that quick! Hopefully you find this feature on your Mac helpful.

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