Turn Any Worksheet into a Digital Activity

Worksheets are commonly thought of as an ineffective approach to teaching. Worksheets can be a very effective resource for teachers if you integrate them well. Below are some effective teaching practices for utilizing worksheets.

  • A Center for students to choose
  • Self check for students after an engaging lesson
  • Collaboration oppurtunities
  • Sub work

There are other ways but above are just some common practices teachers have when they use worksheets in the classroom.

Now that you have an idea lets rethink some ways you can improve your students technology skills, have more time, and use less paper! Digitalizing your classroom has never been more crucial than during a pandemic where many schools are relying on e-learning. Once learning goes back to the classroom we can’t forget the digital tools we have relied on. It is important to have a balanced classroom.

The best way to turn any worksheet into a digital activity is with google slides. Taking pictures and adding text boxes are fast and easy.

Step 1

You can change the dimensions of the google slides to match the dimensions of a paper, however this causes the picture to be zoomed in way too far. Instead I take screen shots of half the paper at a time, see example below.

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